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Did You Know That…

more than 25 homes in Hawaii are burglarized every single day? *

But you don’t have to become another statistic…

Our free home security assessment will show you how to make burglars think twice about violating your home and family. You’ll get answers to these and many more important questions:

  • How do burglars choose their victims?
  • Where is my home most vulnerable?
  • How can I make my home more secure?
  • What is the crime situation in my area?

Home Security & Sound’s security assessment is a complimentary and thorough walkthrough of your home or business in which we point out all potential security shortcomings. One of our experienced security consultants will take you on a walkthrough of both the inside and outside perimeter of your property and give tips on how to make your home or business more secure.

Why wait to become a victim? Register below for your complimentary home security assessment! Alternatively call 808-874-8019.

* FBI Uniform Crime Reports Crime in the United States, 2008.

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