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Fire Alarm Systems

Businesses lose more than $12 billion to fires each year, and this doesn’t include the revenues and profits lost due to interrupted operations. That’s why fire systems are such a crucial area of commercial security protection. Home Security & Sound’s expert team of will plan, design, and install a comprehensive fire system that protects your physical assets as well as your employees. Our fire detection systems provide you with affordable and reliable protection that fully complies with all stringent fire codes.

Home Security & Sound can design and install an automatic fire alarm system for your company that complies with all applicable NFPA standards, local jurisdictional codes and your unique insurance requirements. From design and layout to installation and final approval by local fire authorities, our commercial security team will work with your engineers, architects, HVAC, sprinkler, electrical, elevator and building contractors to get the job done right.

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Home Security & Sound uses FireLite Fire Alarm Panels made by Honeywell, a leading manufacturer of quality life safety systems, for our commercial fire alarm installations.

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