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Access Control

Home Security & Sound provides access control solutions for any size business. Our solutions range from controlling access to a single door in an office to administering a computer controlled solution for multi-level, multi-location enterprises. No matter how large or small the project is, special care is always to make sure the systems are easy to use and above all reliable.

Access control systems give you complete physical control over high security and restricted areas. Home Security & Sound can design a system that limits who is allowed to enter these areas, and when and where access is granted. Your security and facility managers will find our access control systems to be an efficient, practical way to reduce costs while maintaining the highest levels of protection.

Home Security & Sound’s professional staff is highly experienced with all of the latest access control technologies. We can design a fully integrated system that is exactly right for your situation. In addition to protecting key areas, access control systems can double as time clocks for automated payroll systems, control parking lot gate operators, provide temporary access to visitors and more.

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