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About Us

Want to learn more about us? Want to be sure you’ll receive a quality service for your money? From company history to Better Business Bureau membership, find out more now in About Us.

Company Goal

We strive to provide the best ‘bang for the buck’ in all of our products. Certain products offer much more value when you move up in price. There eventually reaches a point in which a small increase in quality of product causes a high jump in price and it’s at that point in which there is no ‘bang for the buck’ This means that we provide you with the best product we can for the best price.

We take pride in the fact that our company is a one contact source for all your low voltage needs. Gone are the days of calling five different companies just to get the sound, central vacuum, telephone, TV, networking, and security working. We provide one reliable source for the builder or homeowner or business owner so that you don’t have to worry.


Home Security and Sound was founded in 2004 by Tom Paxton and Clifford Wright.

Tom Paxton, a former GTE Hawaiian Tel (now Hawaiian Telecom) employee worked for seventeen years before finally retiring and setting out to do contract work installing and repairing T-1 lines along the entire continental US. He spent the last two years of contracting working with an Alabama company in which he specialized in central vacuum systems, alarm systems, closed circuit television and much more.

Clifford Wright worked for several telephone contractors for two years before joining Tom in Arizona to install and repair T-1 lines. After one year of contracting Clifford moved to California and spent the next three and a half years as supervisor of installation and repair of cable TV for Time Warner Cable.

Present and Future

Through continued customer satisfaction Home Security and Sound is growing at a phenomenal rate! This growth has enabled us to:

  • Become members of the Better Business Bureau
  • Become members of the NBFAA
  • Launch a brand new website
  • Build a new warehouse
  • Engage customers on a face to face level in our new showroom

Cliff Wright, President

By providing our customers with a quality product and service at a great price, Home Security and Sound fully expects, and intends, to become the #1 choice for customers in Hawaii!

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Clifford has since gotten certifications in:

  • THX Home Theater Installer 1
  • Crestron Programming
  • Fire Lite Fire Alarm Technology Installation & Design
  • Russound Technical Certification
  • Universal Remote
  • Mitel/Intertel Phone Systems

Our staff is also certified with many of the same certifications and we are all constantly getting certified in new avenues and updating our existing certifications.

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